Gun Guys on 45, Inc. will ONLY ship or accept shipment of firearms to and from another licensed FFL Dealer.

Under no circumstances will we ship a firearm directly to an individual.  
We will accept in-coming transfers for new and used guns.

Transfer fee: $35.00 (Discounted rates for returning customers).
We will do out-going and in-coming FFL transfers with pre-approval and verified FFL Licenses.

INCOMING  We need a copy of the FFL License dealer who is shipping the firearm to us, including customer name, make, model and serial number.
OUTGOING We need a copy of the destination FFL license who we are shipping too.
All FFL Licenses and information emailed to: [email protected]

Our location is by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Gun Guys on 45, Inc.
40058 N.US Hwy 45 Lake Villa, IL 60046